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Latin Guitar Holiday Contest 

I'm getting serious about this whole online thing, and there has been a lot going on in the world, so I wanted to just give some of the music I worked on away. I think that the Holidays are a great time for rest & recuperation so from now until the end of the year anyone joining the mailing list is getting Joy to the World for free off the new album.

I'm also running a contest to give away more copies of the CD & some free downloads. I'd appreciate a bit of help in spreading the word, you can do so right from entering. Bandcamp limits how much I can give away unless I throw them some bones, so it's only going to start at a hundred downloads and 10 physical copies. Thanks for checking it out:


The Twelve Strings of Christmas Giveaway

Holiday Cheer 

It's long overdue, but I'm finally adding a music page to the website. I've worked on a ton of records over the years and will start trying to get links over here to check it out. I've also got a new release out just in time for the Holidays. Check out the The Guitar Collective Trio's Twelve Strings of Christmas for some classics with a Latin Twist. 

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